• 12 Lessons

    Money // A Parent’s Guide

    This Parent Guide is an invitation to prayer, confession, and self-evaluation as much as it is an invitation to talk about money and generosity with your teen. We pray that this content increases our capacity and desire to invite God into every aspect of our lives— even our bank accounts.

  • 3 Lessons

    Money // Conversation Kit

    The Money Conversation Kit dives into the topics of money, wealth, and generosity. We hope it provides a spark to begin conversations on this significant, often uncomfortable topic.

  • 4 Lessons

    Navigating Technology

    This course is part of the Parenting Summit created with the use of AXIS resources. This resource is intended to be utilized to further conversation in a small group space to encourage and process together.
  • 10 Lessons

    Netflix // Parent’s Guide

    Parents rightfully have concerns about their kids’ time spent in front of screens, and video streaming like Netflix invents a whole new way to binge.…
  • 12 Lessons

    Ordinary Time // Parent’s Guide

    Do a Google search for “ordinary,” and you’ll find words like “commonplace, usual, normal, standard, typical, common, customary, habitual, everyday, regular, routine, day-to-day…no special or distinctive features.” But contrary to this meaning, Ordinary Time is not just a boring time of the year that we shouldn’t care about; it’s an important season in our liturgical year. Here the other seasons find their culmination. It’s not insignificant time lacking definition, but new, redeemed time defined by all Jesus has done—His birth, childhood, baptism, temptation, ministry, death, resurrection, ascension, and the sending of His Spirit—those events we specifically honor during the more exciting events on the Liturgical Calendar. The seasons are the story of God, and Ordinary Time is the story of the people of God (the Church) lived out in light of the gift of the Spirit we received at Pentecost.
  • 10 Lessons

    Personal Finance // A Parent’s Guide

    No matter who you are or where you’re from, you need to learn about how to manage your personal finances in order to live. The same is true for our teenagers, yet schools rarely have courses that teach the basic principles. This Guide is a great starting place for understanding these principles and why passing them down to our kids will impact them greatly for the rest of their lives. Learn about investing, loans, and credit cards, as well as how God’s Word talks about money.

  • 5 Lessons

    Prayer // Parent’s Conversation Kit

    In this presentation we take a conversational approach to Prayer. Use this to jumpstart your own discussions.
  • 17 Lessons

    Profanity // A Parent’s Guide

    Frustrated by your teen's use of bad words? Or hoping to keep them from using profanity? This Guide looks at the history of words, how they come to regarded as "bad," how Christians should approach them, and more.
  • 17 Lessons

    Sexting // A Parent’s Guide

    How many teens are actually sexting? Why are they sexting? What will happen if my teen sexts? Is it illegal? How do I have an open and loving conversation with my teen about sexting and its dangers? All these questions and more are discussed in this guide.
  • 22 Lessons

    Shame-Free Parenting // A Parent’s Guide

    Possibly one of the most debilitating and demotivating feelings we experience, shame is a powerful influence in all of our lives. Yet most of us were never taught how to deal with it well, if at all. This Guide aims to help you break free from your own shame while creating a shame-free atmosphere for your kids.
  • 15 Lessons

    Sleep // Parent’s Guide

    Teen sleep habits and needs are influenced by much more than wanting to rest. This Parent Guide will help you understand your teen’s sleep needs and give you tools to help your teen create better sleep habits. God designed us with mind, body, and spirit, so it’s important that we see how each of these is inextricably linked to each other and how an imbalance in one tremendously impacts the others.

  • 13 Lessons

    Smartphone Addiction // A Parent’s Guide

    Rather than completely re-hashing the problem of smartphone addiction, this Parent Guide provides self-reflection questions scattered throughout and a few practices to try.
  • 17 Lessons

    Smartphones // Parent’s Guide

    Smartphones aren’t just a fad like the latest TV show or social media app. One journalist believes that smartphones have, in fact, “revolutionized society.” While extreme, this statement might not be an exaggeration. Instead, we need to recognize the legitimate benefits and dangers of the smartphone and assess those within a biblical framework while teaching our “digital natives” to do the same.
  • 4 Lessons

    Spiritual Growth

    This course is part of the Parenting Summit created with the use of AXIS resources. This resource is intended to be utilized to further conversation in a small group space to encourage and process together.

  • 16 Lessons

    Spotify // Parent’s Guide

    Spotify is the world’s most popular music streaming app, competing with services like Apple Music and Pandora. Chances are, your child is using this service to listen to anything from Top 40 hits to 1970s German Disco. Maybe you’ve noticed a recurring $9.99 fee show up on your credit card (“I thought it was free!”). And as a parent, you might be wondering how Spotify works, whether it’s like other social media apps, and how to keep your children safe from inappropriate content.
  • 16 Lessons

    Suicide & Self-Harm Prevention // Parent’s Guide

    This guide helps parents know more about the troubling incidence of suicide and self-harm in the lives of young people.  Like other Parent Guides in this series, this tool provides knowledge, references, and faith-based encouragement on the subject to help parents connect with their kids.
  • 14 Lessons

    Talking About Death // Parent’s Guide

    Death has been called the ultimate statistic: 10 out of every 10 people will die. And although some professions come face-to-face with this reality on a more regular basis (doctors, nurses, police officers, butchers, the military), this conversation can feel quite difficult to begin because much of American society is structured to keep the rest of us from really thinking about it. So how do we respond when death comes crashing back into our awareness? How will your teen handle news of school shootings, virus outbreaks, and opioid overdoses? This is the world that your teen is navigating, and they need your guidance. In courageously facing the reality of death, there is an invitation for you and your teen to focus on what really matters in life.
  • 14 Lessons

    Teen FOMO // Parent’s Guide

    FOMO is the fear that something interesting or amazing will happen without us, causing us to miss not just the experience, but also the camaraderie that inevitably blossoms out of experiencing it with others. Unfortunately, it’s a broken way of dealing with our God-given desires to live purposeful lives and be in community. God did not intend for us to live in a constant state of fear! Reclaiming our own boundaries and helping our kids reclaim theirs is well within our grasp, but it does require diligence, wisdom, and intentionality.
  • 14 Lessons

    Teen Privacy // A Parent’s Guide

    For many teens, privacy = autonomy, so they can tend to fight tooth and nail for it. But what’s a biblical view of privacy? Very few people are writing about it, especially not in terms of teens’ privacy, so this Guide seeks to understand it better and help you apply it in a way that allows teens to gain true freedom as they become responsible adults.

  • 13 Lessons

    Teen Singleness // A Parent’s Guide

    Even if your kids are young, you have the opportunity to shape how they view singleness and marriage now. But even more importantly, you have the chance to help them love God more than they love love itself, to the point that they’re willing to follow Him wherever He leads–including even a life of singleness. Doomed to be alone? This Guide helps you & teens rethink that!